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Lot 8.1: Moorland Matters, Ian Coghill

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Ends in:07 May 2021 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by Quiller Publishing:

Moorland Matters by Ian Coghill.

The Battle for the Uplands against Authoritarian Conservation.

With Britain’s islands holding more than three-quarters of the Earth’s stock of heather moorland, it is an extraordinary fact that it stands as one of the world’s rarest habitats.

A landscape beloved by millions, it’s renowned for the tranquility and solace it provides – however, this tranquility is an illusion.

Britain’s moorlands have, in less than a decade, moved from a position of benign consensus to the epicentre of the bitterest conflict within UK conservation.

This insightful book sets out to examine and expose the hidden issues surrounding UK moorland conservation, giving a voice to the many people who work and live there and who feel that what they have to say is often ignored, if it’s even heard at all.

The fate of our uplands are in our hands, and it is important that an alternative narrative, from the perspective of the practitioners who have cared for these places for generations, are considered.

IAN COGHILL is a life-long conservationist and a keen participant in country sports. Following retirement of a 42 year career as Director of Community Safety and Environmental Services for Birmingham City Council, he became Chairman of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

The book will be dispatched upon its publication, anticipated in May.

Lot 8.2: An animal head portrait in oil by artist Flora Blackett

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Ends in:07 May 2021 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by Flora Blackett:


An oil portrait of an animal of your choosing by aclaimed artist Flora Blackett.

"Born in 1978 in South west Scotland, Flora Blackett trained for 4 years at the prestigious Charles H Cecil studio in Florence, Italy.

As well as portraits, she is a renowned wildlife artist. Dividing her time between her studios in London and her native Dumfriessire she works on both commissions and her own inspired paintings and drawings. With trips throughout the UK, Europe, America and Africa, Flora continuously searches for exciting new subjects. She captures at first hand, the animals in their surroundings and strives to depict both the immediacy and serenity in every scene.
Flora has had many highly acclaimed exhibitions thoughout the UK and America.

In 2014 Flora combined her love of art and interiors to launch Flora Blackett designs.

Her work now hangs in collections throughout the world and is now listed in the national archives."

50% of the Sale value will go to the Heather Trust. Please note that, due to her popularity, there is likely to be a waiting period before the commission will be completed.

Lot 8.3: A signed copy of Native: Life in a Vanishing Landscape by Patrick Laurie

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Presented by Patrick Laurie:

"Shortlisted for the Wainwright Prize for Nature Writing 2020.

Desperate to connect with his native Galloway, Patrick Laurie plunges into work on his family farm in the hills of southwest Scotland. Investing in the oldest and most traditional breeds of Galloway cattle, the Riggit Galloway, he begins to discover how cows once shaped people, places and nature in this remote and half-hidden place. This traditional breed requires different methods of care from modern farming on an industrial, totally unnatural scale.

As the cattle begin to dictate the pattern of his life, Patrick stumbles upon the passing of an ancient rural heritage. Always one of the most isolated and insular parts of the country, as the twentieth century progressed, the people of Galloway deserted the land and the moors have been transformed into commercial forest in the last thirty years. The people and the cattle have gone, and this withdrawal has shattered many centuries of tradition and custom. Much has been lost, and the new forests have driven the catastrophic decline of the much-loved curlew, a bird which features strongly in Galloway's consciousness. The links between people, cattle and wild birds become a central theme as Patrick begins to face the reality of life in a vanishing landscape."

A signed copy will be posted directly to the winning bidder.

Lot 8.5: Arthur Rackham: a Life with Illustration by James Hamilton

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Ends in:07 May 2021 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by Matilda Hall:

Arthur Rackham: a Life with Illustration by James Hamilton, Pavilion Books Limited, 1990.  like new but with fast fading inscription including signature of author. Soft Back

“James Hamilton has produced a biography bursting with pictorial treasures; one can pick up the book to wallow in the illustrations and soon realise one has read the life story as well.” Oxford times.

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