About Us

Our Vision

Our Vision

Sustainable, resilient moorlands for the benefit of everyone.

Our Mission

To develop and promote sustainable, resilient moorlands through facilitation and collaboration; engagement and representation; education and demonstration based on research, experience and best practice

The Heather Trust’s beneficiaries are those that benefit from resilient, sustainable heather moorland and associated environments.

In its broadest terms this is the population of Great Britain and its visitors, since well managed moors will provide public goods such as carbon storage, water management – both quality and flood risk management, rich, diverse and unique plant and animal communities, and recreational opportunities which benefit physical and mental wellbeing. It will also provide rural communities with employment opportunities either through direct management of the moorland or in associated industries such as tourism and recreation, which aids community cohesion and resilience, ensuring our much-loved moorlands and uplands continue to be places for people as well as nature.

The Heather Trust’s beneficiaries

What we do

The Heather Trust is a charity registered in Scotland but operating across Great Britain. We seek to promote the value of the increasingly rare heather moorland habitat, and to reconcile economic, social and environmental interests in moorland management.

Our organization have identified four priority issues to act as a focus for the Trust and the separate pages that follow summarise the Trust’s involvement with each of the issues.

Heather and Moorland Management

Our moorlands are part of our culture and history and they are home to a unique assemblage of bird and animal species.

Heather Beetle

The heather beetle Lochmaea suturalis has been instrumental in driving the change from heather to grass dominated moorland.

Bracken Control

Left unchecked, bracken will quickly shade out and destroy more ecologically valuable habitats. A bracken control programme is an important component of a moorland management plan.

Scotland’s Moorland Forum

A partnership between a diverse range of organisations to engage with issues affecting the moorland and upland areas of Scotland since 2002.


Wildfire management is a crucial issue in upland management. Carefully planned muirburn forms part of a system of defence against large-scale, devastating wildfires.


Peatland is the crucially important foundation of our most important moorland ecosystems, as a means of safeguarding against climate change and providing clean, safe drinking water.

Graze the moor

This project was an unusual example of a landowner questioning accepted practice on moorland management and working with others to explore different ways of working.

How are we funded

We are funded by a combination of membership subscriptions, donations, contract work and advisory work for land owners and other organisations. However, one of the key sources of income is from the Country Market and Sporting Sale, which takes place in late April and early May.

The Heather Trust could not continue without the goodwill and solid foundations provided by our members and supporters. We rely on the generosity of our donors for the fantastic range of lots that are on offer, and the generosity of your bid on each lot.

How are we funded
What we do with your donations?

What we do with your donations?

The cash we receive as part of the Country Market and Sporting Sale goes a long way - we value every penny we receive from our donors and supporters! Some of our research into Heather Beetle is leading the field, and our level of advocacy at local, regional and parliamentary level means that we have influence well beyond our small stature.

Without the Country Market and Sporting Sale, we would not be able to promote and protect moorland management so that future generations can enjoy the landscapes we love, and this is a crucial moment in our annual calendar.

Working across the entire U.K. on a range of different moorland issues is what we're all about, but it's not easy or cheap to get results. Please give generously to support the Trust's work, and thank you in advance for your interest in this year's Sale - it means an enormous amount to us.


Please support the Trust by bidding for a Lot, making a donation or becoming a member of the Trust by completing the membership application form on our website. A discount from the first year's subscription for all successful bidders in the Sale is offered.

Further Information

  • www.heathertrust.co.uk
  • http://heathertrust.blogspot.com
  • @heathertrust
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