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Lot 5.1: A Day’s Moorland Management Advisory Visit

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Final bid:
Ends in:08 May 2020 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by Professor Rob Marrs, University of Liverpool and The President of The Heather Trust:

A day’s consultancy visit to an area of moorland identified by the successful bidder.

Rob is a leading academic expert on moorland management with a particular emphasis on vegetation management including heather and bracken.

It is anticipated that the successful bidder will wish to accompany Rob on the visit and in conversation take advantage of his encyclopaedic knowledge of moorland.

To be taken by arrangement with the donor during the summer of 2020. Depending on the location, some assistance with travel and subsistence charges may be requested.

Lot 5.2: British Moorlands Demonstration Day

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Final bid:
Ends in:08 May 2020 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by Dick Bartlett, British Moorlands. Website:

The morning will be spent counting breeding pairs of grouse using pointing dogs to find and flush the pairs, which will give an indication of the shooting potential of the 2021 season. This is fascinating to watch if you enjoy seeing good gundog work.

The afternoon offers you hands-on experience of moorland work such as heather management, grit site selection and operation, water provision for upland wildlife and predator trapping systems.

The whole day is guided by Dick Bartlett who will explain how modern technology is used by British Moorlands to produce grouse shooting which is technically and financially sustainable, and also affordable to the ordinary shooter.

Please see for more information on our work to save our heather moorland heritage through viable grouse production for shooting and falconry.

Suitable for a group of 2 - 10.
Location; Speyside, North East Scotland
Date: tba for March/April 2021.