Why Your Donation Counts

The Heather Trust is a small charity, which has many advantages. We can be light on our feet and respond quickly to new issues, and we aren't smothered by corporate protocols or party lines. In fact, our small size is a real asset, and it also means that the cash we receive as part of the Country Market and Sporting Sale goes a long way - we value every penny we receive from our donors and supporters! Some of our research into Heather Beetle is leading the field, and our level of advocacy at local, regional and parliamentary level means that we have influence well beyond our small stature.

Without the Country Market and Sporting Sale, we would not be able to promote and protect moorland management so that future generations can enjoy the landscapes we love, and this is a crucial moment in our annual calendar.

Working across the entire U.K. on a range of different moorland issues is what we're all about, but it's not easy or cheap to get results. Please give generously to support the Trust's work, and thank you in advance for your interest in this year's Sale - it means an enormous amount to us.