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Bidding starts: 20 Apr 2018 09:00:00 BST
Ends: 04 May 2018 12:00:00 BST
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Lot 01: Loader for a Day

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Opening bid:
Ends in:04 May 2018 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Donated by Chris Amos:

Make a big day's shooting one to remember by enlisting the help of NGO qualified loader Chris Amos

Chris has years of experience loading across the country and now specialises in double guns for driven grouse, but this Lot could be adapted to suit a single gun on a partridge or pheasant day.

Date to be mutually agreed with the donor.

Lot 02: A day with wildlife artist and printmaker Colin Blanchard

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Final bid:
Ends in:04 May 2018 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by Colin Blanchard:

Place your bids for the chance to spend a day with wildlife artist Colin Blanchard in his printmaking studio near Lockerbie. Colin's work is now being sold across the country and his work has been featured in a number of books and exhibitions.

Join Colin for a hands-on day of printmaking, during which you will learn to create your own original linocut or screenprint.

No previous experience is necessary, and all materials are provided (including a delicious lunch!)

Date to suit by arrangement. Participant must be over 16.

Location: Craigshaw Barns Studio, Waterbeck, Lockerbie. DG11 3AH

Lot 03: British Moorlands Demonstration Day

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Final bid:
Ends in:04 May 2018 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by Dick Bartlett, British Moorlands:

Spend the day with Dick Bartlett to learn about British Moorlands' unique approach to grouse moor management. Using innovative and progressive new techniques, British Moorlands have pioneered some interesting new methods for grouse production, and many of these challenge accepted tradition - the day is a must-see for anyone with an interest in grouse and moorland management, and it takes place in the glorious surroundings of Speyside.

The morning will be spent counting breeding pairs of grouse using pointing dogs to find and flush the pairs which will give an indication of the shooting potential of the 2019 season.  This is fascinating to watch if you enjoy seeing good gundog work.

The afternoon offers you hands-on experience of moorland work such as heather management, grit site selection and operation, water provision for upland wildlife and predator trapping systems.

The whole day is guided by Dick Bartlett who will explain how modern technology is used by British Moorlands to produce grouse shooting which is technically and financially sustainable, and also affordable to the ordinary shooter.

Please see for more information on our work to save our heather moorland heritage through viable grouse production for shooting and falconry.

Suitable for a group of 2 - 10.
Location;   Speyside, North East Scotland
Date:  tba for March/April 2019.

Lot 04: A Day’s Moorland Management Advisory Visit

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Final bid:
Ends in:04 May 2018 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by Professor Rob Marrs, University of Liverpool and The President of The Heather Trust:

This is your chance to bid for a day’s consultancy visit from one of Britain's leading academic experts on moorland management.

Rob Marrs has specialised on moorland vegetation and upland management throughout his career, and he has a particular focus on heather and bracken. Time spent with Rob is hugely informative and valuable, and his encyclopaedic knowledge of moorland plants could help to inform bracken control plans or moorland restoration projects.

To be taken by arrangement with the donor during the summer of 2018.  Depending on the location, some assistance with travel and subsistence charges may be requested.

Lot 11: Rough Shooting at Gisborough

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Final bid:
Ends in:04 May 2018 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by The Rt Hon the Lord Gisborough: 

Bid for your chance to enjoy a Saturday’s rough shooting for two guns on the Gisborough Estate together with a day’s fishing for two rods on Priory Pond.

The rough shooting is part of the syndicate shoot and an 80+ bird day can be expected, but the earlier in the season, the better the bag.  Dogs are welcome. 

Also included is the opportunity for two rods to fish for one day on Priory Pond, a restored monk’s pond that was previously part of the Gisborough Priory. 

The recently established coarse fishery offers anglers the chance to catch Bream, Roach, Carp and Tench.  Guns must stay Friday night at the Gisborough Hall Hotel at the discounted rate of £55 per person bed & breakfast, based on two people sharing a twin or double room (an extra charge will be made if separate rooms are required).

Guests may choose to stay on for a second night at the Hotel. Originally built in 1857, Gisborough Hall Hotel opened its doors to guests in 2002 after being carefully transformed into a 71 room, luxury, 4-star hotel. 

Early booking is recommended to ensure the hotel can accommodate you on the dates you wish. 

To be taken from the first Saturday in December 2018 – end January 2019, by arrangement with the Estate’s Gamekeeper, Mark Sunley and the Gisborough Hall Hotel.

Lot 12: A Mixed Day at Appleby Castle

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Final bid:
Ends in:04 May 2018 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by The Trustees of Appleby Castle Grouse Moors:

Enjoy a day’s stand-and-walk shoot for two guns with the expectation of 30-40 head of mixed game - Pheasant/partridge/grouse/pigeon and other various.

Appleby Castle lies at the top of Appleby High Street and the moor is roughly a 25min drive from the middle of Appleby.

The shooting takes place on high ground between 1300-1500 feet, making use of small copses and woods on the edge of the Moors.

One of the most enjoyable things about the moor are the two keepers, both of whom are excellent; Andrew Lofthouse and Andrew Hall.

The successful bidders are expected to provide their own refreshments and lunch and be physically fit.

To be taken in November or December 2018, by arrangement.

Lot 14: Mini Driven Grouse Day

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Final bid:
Ends in:04 May 2018 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by Dick Bartlett, British Moorlands:

An exciting chance for two guns to experience three small grouse drives in spectacular mountain and coastal scenery on the Glenrinnes Estate and Carron Bridge Estate, Speyside.

The day is hosted by Dick Bartlett on British Moorlands' two demonstration moors where you can see how innovative techniques like automatic trap checking and fully mechanised habitat management have restored viable grouse shooting and biodiversity to formerly unmanaged moorland without the usual high costs.

Expected daily bag about ten brace. Guns will join a team of eight others.

Dates to be confirmed, but the day will probably be held between mid September and mid November - may be held over if a bad grouse year.

Highly commended by Heather Trust Project Manager Patrick Laurie!


Lot 15: Pheasants & Partridges in the Scottish Borders

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Final bid:
Ends in:04 May 2018 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by Robert Dick:

The naturally dramatic environment of the Scottish Borders lends itself to some of the finest pheasant and partridge shooting in Scotland.

On offer is one day’s pheasant / partridge shooting for two guns in a party of eight – with a target bag of 120+ birds of excellent quality.

Lunch, tea and other refreshments are included.

This has proved a very popular Lot over several years, and has a history of highly satisfied donors. 

Likely date to be in January 2019.

To be taken by arrangement with the donor.

Lot 21: Muntjac Stalking in Buckinghamshire.

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Final bid:
Ends in:04 May 2018 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by Sir Edward Dashwood:

A morning or evening Muntjac Stalk for 1 rifle on the West Wycombe Estate, Buckinghamshire (30 miles from London).

The stalk will be accompanied by an Estate Keeper (a tip is suggested) and we can arrange the use of an Estate Rifle if the winning bidder does not have their own. The buyer may keep the carcass.

West Wycombe Estate extends to some 5,000 acres and the shoot is managed by Sir Edward Dashwood, Bt, an extremely keen shot himself. Sir Edward Dashwood 12th Bt currently resides at West Wycombe Park with his wife and family.

West Wycombe Estate is consistently referred to as one of the finest shoots in the Country. Today the shoot still ranks amongst the best, and is regularly in the Field’s list of Top Shoots. Certainly it is probably the closest really good shoot to London.

The house is frequently featured in screen adaptations of literary classics such as Cranford and Little Dorrit and more recently in the television series, Downton Abbey. Other films include W.E., The Importance of being Earnest, I Capture the Castle, The Lost Prince and He Knew He was Right. 

There is a nice pub in West Wycombe Villiage if accommodation required. 

To be taken on dates to be mutually agreed in the coming season with Sir Edward Dashwood.

Lot 22: Sika Hind Stalking in Peebleshire

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Final bid:
Ends in:04 May 2018 12:00:00 BST (bidding ended)

Presented by Stobo Estate:

Bid for your chance to enjoy one day’s Sika hind stalking on the Stobo Estate, Peeblesshire. 

This well-respected estate is set in delightful countryside in the Tweed Valley and lies only seven miles south-west of Peebles. This is a wonderful opportunity to stalk in this beautiful area of the Borders and the day should be taken in January/February 2019 – date to be arranged with the donor. 

Accommodation is available locally.

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